Shenzhen Weiermai Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is an electronic component agent specializing in integrated circuits and semiconductor microelectronics. The company’s agent distributes nearly ten popular brands, including logic ICs, operational amplifiers, comparators, DAC digital-to-analog conversion, ADC conversion, headphone drivers, class AB power amplifiers, video buffers, analog switches, level conversion, voltage detection, and power supplies. Manage boost DCDC, step-down DCDC, LDO, lithium battery charging, lithium battery protection, overvoltage protection, load switch, USB switch, WLED backlight driver, flash driver, AMOLED backlight driver, MOSFET, MOS driver, motor driver, Schottky diode , Tertiary tube, TVS tube and ESD protection categories. Products are widely used in industrial control, network communications, automotive electronics, liquid crystal displays, mobile phones, computers, set-top boxes, smart wearables, robots, the Internet of Things and other electronic product industries. Shenzhen Weiermai Electronics Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business philosophy of "strictly selected brands, professional technology, rapid response, and enthusiastic service" for more than ten years, and dedicated to providing customers with reliable performance, stable supply, and competitive prices. , To become a reliable supplier for customers.


□ To be the most dedicated agent of the original factory, the most reliable supplier for customers, and wholeheartedly optimize the supply-demand relationship between the original factory and the end customer;

□ Fine division of labor, close cooperation, optimize processes, build a first-class business logistics team, and efficiently respond to customer needs;

□ Study and study, enthusiasm and enthusiasm, work hard and work hard, cultivate a first-class professional sales team, and serve customers as their own responsibility;

□ There are choices and sacrifices, expertise, responsibility, integrity, responsibility, discipline, integrity, and bottom line;

Philosophy and Advantages

□ Focus on the agent distribution of electronic components and become a professional electronic supply chain;

□ Strictly select reliable brands and become a reliable supplier;

□ Professional industry perspective, recommend the most suitable brands and products for customers;

□ Professional FAE service to provide customers with auxiliary design technical support;

□ VIP precise preparation of goods, zero-distance connection between the original factory and the customer's delivery time difference;

□ 24/7 business response, providing customers with flexible and fast business feedback;

□ Flexible payment support for several periods to provide customers with financial support and quality assurance;

□ You can choose to deliver in China or Hong Kong to provide customers with free delivery services.

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