NIKO-SEM Microelectronics headquarters was established in Taipei in 1998. It is a professional power management power component and analog IC design company. Its main products include POWER MOSFET power components, linear regulator ICs (LDO), switching regulator ICs and pulse control ICs. , And are widely used in motherboards, notebook computers, tablet computers and other pan-PC products and peripheral power supply devices, as well as LED Lighting, automotive electronics/car charger market, Power Bank and liquid crystal display panels (LCD) and other related industries.

Relying on the rich experience accumulated in the service of power system manufacturers in the past, NIKO-SEM Microelectronics insists on continuous deep cultivation in the field of power management, continuously providing reliable products from domestic and foreign system manufacturers, and focusing on achieving innovation, stability, high efficiency and low efficiency. Cost solution. With the long-term efforts of NIKO-SEM, it has become one of the few IC design companies with both low-voltage and high-voltage high-power components, analog control ICs, high-efficiency power supply systems and special semiconductor process design capabilities, and has created sustained and stable revenue. Good growth.


Power MOSFET Power Module

Linear voltage stabilizing IC (LDO)

Switching voltage stabilizing IC

Pulse control IC

VGA card


TV and LCD display


Voltage supply


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