Shengbang Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (stock code 300661) focuses on the development and sales of high-performance, high-quality analog integrated circuits.

The company's products cover two major areas of signal chain and power management, with more than 3,500 models available for sale in 25 categories, including various operational amplifiers and comparators, audio power amplifiers, video buffers, line drivers, analog switches, temperature sensors, and analog switches. Digital converter (ADC), digital-to-analog converter (DAC), level conversion chip, interface circuit, voltage reference chip, small logic chip, LDO, microprocessor power monitoring circuit, DC/DC step-down converter, DC/ DC boost converter, DC/DC buck-boost converter, backlight and flash LED driver, AMOLED power chip, PMU, OVP and load switch, battery charge and discharge management chip, battery protection chip, motor drive chip, MOSFET drive chip, etc. . Product performance and quality are benchmarked against similar products from world-class analog chip manufacturers, and some key performance indicators have been exceeded. They are widely used in communications equipment, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical instruments and automotive electronics, as well as the Internet of Things, new energy and Emerging markets such as artificial intelligence.

The company's technical team is composed of senior experts in the international industry, with advanced analog integrated circuit design, technology, testing technology and rich experience in production management and quality management. The average age of the core personnel is more than 20 years. All products of the company are independently researched and developed, and have 100% independent intellectual property rights. Many products have won the Beijing Science and Technology Award, China Semiconductor Innovation Product and Technology Award, and "China Chip" Excellent Product Award. Since 2008, the company has been continuously rated as one of the "Top Ten Chinese IC Design Companies" and is the only company that has continuously won this honor.


Micropower Operational Amplifier

Low Power Operational Amplifier

Dedicated operational amplifier

High-speed operational amplifier

High-precision operational amplifier

Low noise operational amplifier

Current sense amplifier

Small logic gate

Parallel voltage reference

LCM bias power supply

Dedicated DC/DC converter

Synchronous rectification step-down converter

AMOLED display power supply

Synchronous rectification boost converter

Asynchronous Buck Converter

Charge pump DC/DC converter

Asynchronous Boost Converter

LED flash driver

White LED driver

Lithium battery charge management chip

Overvoltage protection device

Micropower Comparator

Motor drive

Digital-to-analog converter

High-speed comparator

Dedicated analog switch

Analog signal switch

Audio driver 

Headphone driver

Video drive

Audio power amplifier

Highly reliable linear regulator

POP sound suppressor

Multi-channel, high-precision low-dropout linear regulator

High-precision low-dropout linear regulator 

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